What’s the big deal about Zillow 3D Home tours?

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When you look at neighborhoods on Zillow, some homes will stand out from the rest with a 3D Tour tag next to the listing price. In order to get the tag, you must use Zillow’s proprietary 360 software. While anyone could use the software, only professional photographers have the equipment and experience to make this a meaningful addition to your marketing plan.

Most Realtors think that all you need is some basic photos and put them on the MLS and magically, someone will buy it. In a hot market, that may be true, but the bigger question is, how are you going to get the next listing appointment if you are only doing the same thing that every other Realtor is doing?

Zillow 3D is a cost-effective way to boost your listing where buyers are looking. Rather than using expensive doll house views, Zillow 3D uses a series of 360 photos with hotspot navigation making it easy for anyone to view. You can even use an unbranded version on your MLS listing. You also get the special 3D tag on your Zillow and Trulia listings as well as special search filters.

Zillow advertises that customers overwhelmingly want to see listings with a 3D tour and those listings with a 3D tour get 43% more views and 55% more saves than without a 3D tour.

As a Realtor, you need to have more to a marketing plan other than just photos and an MLS listing. Zillow 3D is a cost effective way to increase your value to your client and gets your listing more views from potential clients.