Do I need a video to go with my listing?

  • Mock Webware

Take a look at social media today. What are you looking at? What holds your attention? Was it a photo of a house and an address or was it a captivating video that compelled you to watch for more than 3 seconds?

The future of selling on social media is by video, and today, it is a cost-effective way to market your listing. I create content that looks as good (if not better) than content you will see on TV.

Even more important, what are you doing to brand your image? Do prospective clients recognize your name, or are you just one of a thousand agents in your area? Do you want to stand out from the rest of your office?

I offer two styles of video so there is something for everyone. Do you love talking about your self and your listing to others? If so, my Agent on Camera videos are perfect for you. Shot with a Sony movie camera, the video features you talking about your listing. In an easy to shoot format, you will introduce yourself along with your listing, mention the key selling features and end with a call to action.

My Cinematic Video puts your listing in the spotlight. With hip, upbeat music and graphics, I highlight the best views of your listing with upscale video. Either video will look great on social media and is a feather in your cap when you present your marketing plan to your next potential client.